Friday, 8 February 2013

How To Wear Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves

Heidi montag wears pink Alexander McQueen scarf casually with jeans hot pant.

Skull scarf icon. Alexander McQueen was a very good designer and he definitely created clothes that are fit for women. Some people do not understand what he creates because it is not the usual clothes that we are used to seeing. It is really too bad that he died at a very young age and a lot of people were not able to enjoy his awesomeness. He is very fond of skulls and incorporated it in his collections. He has skull accessories and skull scarves that women love because of its shrewdness
and its fun design.
The scarf comes in a lot of different colors but black and white are the most popular ones amongst celebrities.

Christina Aguilera was once upon a time a sweet and girly pop star. Now, she is very edgy and she loves her crimson red lips with the red Alexander McQueen scarf, short shorts with tights and leather jacket.

Rochelle wiseman obviously loves skulls by wearing a brown skull scarf. Her style is very distinct and edgy.
I hope you get inspired to copy their styles!

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