Thursday, 10 November 2011

White Skull Scarf

This white skull scarf will update all your casual outfits. This luxury white skull scarf looks great teamed with black dress and heels. The unique skull pattern will look fabulous and elegant when wrapped around your neck in a laid back casual style. Light and soft, this comfortable skull scarf feels great on and will definitely turn heads this summer. With some stunning thin strips around the edges, this sensational scarf will add a touch of sparkle to all your plain outfits.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Alexander Mcqueen Skull Scarf Black

Get effortless glamour with fantastic black skull scarf - scarves. Designs and sizes gorgeous skull scarf will compliment your daytime and evening wear perfectly. Get a brilliant all round style with fashionable black skull scarf which everyone will love.

Uplift your style with this black skull scarf with a sweet white skull design. Tie this around your neck with a cute gray or white dress and matching heels for a stylish new style. The lightweight and breathable scarf will look great with day and evening outfits; everyone will be surprised with your glamorous polished look. This black skull scarf is perfect for wearing on a hot summer’s day. Show off this impressive gorgeous design and colour to all your friends and family.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Skull And Crossbones Scarf

Skull And Crossbones Scarf

Cute skull and crossbones scarf (black and white). Beautiful womens with skull and cross bones scarf pattern.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Skull Scarf

scarf is a scarf with skull pattern, combined with silk fabric, chiffon, satin, or even with a wool cloth.
Skull scarf popularized by the late designer Alexander McQueen. There are so many Hollywood celebrities and world celebrities who love to wear a scarf skull of his work. Skull scarf will still be a trend in fashion accessories for several years to come.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fake Alexander McQueen Scarf

The Alexander Mcqueen scarf was quickly replicated by lower end brands and became a status symbol accessory. Quite difficult to distinguish between the genuine mcqueen scarf and fake mcqueen scarf.

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How To Wear Alexander McQueen Scarf

How To Wear Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf?
The Alexander McQueen Skull Print Scarf can be worn in many different ways so you should try experimenting with it as much as possible.

My favorites are:
  • Shawl: untied hanging loose around the neck on the inside of a collared jacket
  • Scarf: wrapped around the neck and tied
  • Headband: wrapped around the hair and tied at the base of the neck like a headband
  • Kerchief: folded in a triangle and tied around the neck with the tip of the triangle pointing down
  • Handbag: tie it around the handle of your handbag and you can wear it everyday

Pink Skull Scarf

Beautiful pink skull scarf will brighten up your look and will work with both casual and formal outfits. Whether you feel like wearing a patterned, plain or printed chiffon scarf you will always be able to get a sophisticated daytime or evening wear style. Pink scarves will look eye-catching and will focus everyone’s attention to the top half of your body. Comfortable to wear and very lightweight, pink skull scarf - scarves can be tied to the side of your neck or hung around you so that it creates length and height to your overall appearance. Wear a simple black or white dress with a light pink skull scarf for a fabulous evening look. Perfect for any weather and occasion, pink skull scarves are a must have for every woman’s wardrobe.

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